The Zodiac: An Introduction pt. 2

In our previous post on the Zodiac, we primarily discussed the twelve-fold division of the sky and the signs that these are attributed to. We identified this as the “Classical division,” arising from the evolving zodiacs of the Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks in the Iron Age, and up through the Islamic and Christian West into… Continue reading The Zodiac: An Introduction pt. 2

The Zodiac: An Introduction pt. 1

A brief introduction to the History and Derivation of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

Okay, this is surely the next book I need to purchase: In attempting to find and ferret out the evolution of astronomical thought, what could be a better find than a work that offers over 1300 pages of biographies on histories most memorable astronomers? The first question that I had about this was whether or… Continue reading The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

On the possible meaning and origins of the Zodiacal sign Gemini: Shu and Tefnut and the Zodiac of Dendera

A couple of years back now, when I first began studying the sky, and particularly, star-charts, I saw an intriguing parallel between the figures of Orion, Canis Major and the Twins Gemini. I knew already at that time, that Canis Major contained the bright-star Sirius, brightest and bluest star in the entire heavens, and that… Continue reading On the possible meaning and origins of the Zodiacal sign Gemini: Shu and Tefnut and the Zodiac of Dendera

STAR STUFF: Mapping my world

I've been wanting to explore the relationships of the zodiacal constellations to their neighbors in their shared Northern and Southern lines of Latitude as determined by Tropical astrology. Unfortunately very few visual resources exist in this regard besides planetarium programs which give a great pigeon-hole view of specific moments in time, but suffer when you… Continue reading STAR STUFF: Mapping my world

A family outing to the Stars

So I finally made it out of the city with the telescope the other day. It’s taken me nearly two months to make the trip, and it came after nearly two weeks of no good sky-gazing due to a bunch of clouds that overstayed their welcome. After a bit of searching I located some “excellent”… Continue reading A family outing to the Stars

First night gazing with the new Telescope:

I did it, I broke down and upgraded the telescope that was gifted to me last year and purchased an 8 inch Dobsonian scope to help me get just that much closer to the stars. Here's a link to the scope with specs and the like: Orion Classic Dobsonian XT8 And here are a few… Continue reading First night gazing with the new Telescope:

Star Stuff: A magickal night right outside my front door.

Man! What a beautiful night! The rains of the past few days have washed away all of the big city mucky-muck and left the heavens positively vivid! Crisp, clean and wonderful! In the new apartment we live right next to a public golf course that unlike local parks at night is completely devoid of street… Continue reading Star Stuff: A magickal night right outside my front door.

Reflections on this past weekend of star-gazing:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law In my continuing efforts to understand the skies I spent this past weekend in Flagstaff and over the course of about 48 hours, spent about 24 of them with my eyes fixed firmly upon the heavens. Earlier this year, just after the Vernal equinox… Continue reading Reflections on this past weekend of star-gazing: